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24th of May

Wonderband in London

In May of 2010 the Wonderband project signed a contract with British producer Elena A. Webb and record label ATMA music to record and release two albums. In June and August all the project members are going to London to work on new material for these albums and record it in studios. While in Britain Wonderband will perform in several London clubs and attend the Sostice festival at Stonehenge. Videos for four Wonderband tracks will be filmed in London, Stonehenge and other locations in England.

ATMA music will release the first Wonderband album in January 2011. Also an agreement has been reached to distribute this album outside of the UK including Europe and Russia.

5th of April

Sasha in the City cinema project

Sasha made a recording for the soundtrack of the trailer for the film City. It is a joint project by Dubrovin Studio cinema company and two radio stations City FM and Relax FM. Director Alexey Dubrovin's idea is to create a feature length film based on real stories of real people, made up of several short novels.

The author of the project, helped by the interested public invited as co-creators, aims to conduct an artistic research of the life of the modern man in a megalopolis. The film's characters are as different and as controversial as their stories. A screenplay is already being created from the most outstanding and interesting stories. The storytellers invited by the director have become co-authors of the screenplay.



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